Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

What’s a thrift shop? It’s a store that sells secondhand donated items, which can be everything from clothing to electronics. Most thrift shops donate their earnings to a charitable organization. For example, the Salvation Army donates to programs for kids and families in need or at risk.

Why it’s good for you: Not only will you help families in need, but you can also save a great amount of money. Since the items are hand-me-downs, you can find inexpensive things. For instance, you can find jeans and blouses from anywhere between $2-$10!

Thrift shopping is fun! Every time you go you have no idea what kind of things you’re going to come across. The beauty in it is that there are so many vintage items that are not sold anymore and are hard to come by. When you find something that you love, it’s like finding a hidden treasure!

If you think thrift stores only sell outdated clothing, think again! Many fashion trends happening now are inspired by the 80s and 90s. You can easily revamp any “outdated” item you find at a thrift shop by pairing it with some nice heels and accessories. This will make your look current and fashion forward that will have everyone wishing they had your outfit on.

Not sure if there are thrift shops near you*? Chances are you’re near at least two thrift shops. The other day I put in “thrift store” on my Google map and five thrift shops popped up! Prior to doing this I only knew of one, but most thrift shops are hidden so this is a great way of locating them. When I arrived at two of the destinations I realized I’ve passed by them so many times without even noticing their existence.

What not to buy:
It is important to know that there are several things that you don’t want to buy simply because it was already used. Here is a list to keep in mind of things to stay away from while thrift shopping.
1. Makeup- Most likely it’s expired.
2. Running shoes- It’s just not sanitary.
3. Underwear- I mean, that’s just gross. If you’re looking for inexpensive underwear, try Ross or T.J.Maxx instead.
4.Cheap shoes- Instead, look for designer labels that you know and trust like Nine West or Bakers.
5. Electronics- You can’t be sure if it works or not without plugging it in, so your best bet is to pass on it.

Below are pictures of thrift stores I visited this weekend and some of my favorite items I found.
(Click on a picture for a gallery)

Thrift store:The Pocket Saver


Thrift store: Nit Pickers

Thrift store:Valley Thrift Store

Other important notes:
•Take cash because most thrift stores don’t accept checks or debit /credit cards.
•Shopping with a friend is always fun, but bringing a friend along for thrift shopping will be even more exciting and you can get a second opinion!
•Most thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms, so I suggest wearing a tank top or undershirt so it will be easy to try on blouses. Also, wear socks in case you want to try on footwear. As far as trying on jeans, I suggest knowing your size because ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
•Before purchasing items, make sure there are no stains, tears, missing buttons, etc. – flip your items inside out as well for inspection.

*Here is another link to find thrift shops near you-

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