10 Lipsticks Under $7


Here is a list of my top ten favorite lipsticks that are under $7. You can find any of these items at Target, Walmart, or at your local drugstore (CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, etc.).

numbered lipsticks

1. Clear Lip Exfoliator by Elf – Technically it’s not a lipstick, but it’s great to put on daily to remove dead skin on your lips.

2. Heavenly Berry Lip Balm (318) by Loreal Paris- This lip Balm has a dark pink tint. I love it for days where I don’t feel like wearing lipstick.  Lipstick can often times feel heavy on your lipsticks, but this isn’t. It also keeps your lips feeling moist!

3. Chaos (511) by NYX- This rich red color goes on so smooth!

4. Eternal (350) by Covergirl- By far my favorite color.  The color can great with just about every outfit.

5. Deepest Cherry (420) by Maybelline- Perfect for your rebel side.

6. Party Pink (155) by Maybelline- This color is playful and would go great with a black dress for a night out.

7. Embrace (335) by Covergirl- This purple tint is amazing!

8. Enchantress (365) by Covergirl- It’s a beatutiful color; what more can I say?

9. Divine (330) by Covergirl- Another one of my favorite colors. It goes on so great and the color is vibrant.

10. Totally Toffee (215) by Maybelline- My favorite nude lip color.


*started on #2 since #1 is just an exfoliator.

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